What is Brutalist Premium?

Brutalist Premium is a newly launched optional subscription available to users who wish to support us. We provide several exclusive features for those that wish to escape even more of the "modern web":


Account type None Free Premium
Cost $0 $0 $6/month
Ability to view articles on main page, including filtering/sorting
Ability to view AI summaries generated by others
Ability to generate your own AI summaries
Access to the interactive Wordcloud


  1. AI Article Summaries

    We use the latest in Artificial Intelligence to summarize the article and present it to you in a minimal text-only view.

    Users who subscribe to the service will see a new [ai] link available next to every article.

    Here are a few example headlines and their summaries:

    The 'Insanely Broad' Restrict Act Could Ban Much More Than Just TikTok [1d] [ai]

    Apple staff reportedly express doubts about mixed-reality headset months ahead of launch [1d] [ai]

    FDIC coverage limits may be raised above $250,000 again. How experts say you can have more of your deposits insured [1d] [ai]

  2. WordCloud

    Our WordCloud aggregates the keywords for all headlines to present a customizable cloud view so you can see what the day's most popular news consisted of at a glance.

  3. Coming Soon: Daily Digest Emails

    You will be able to subscribe to the optional daily digest email with the day's most popular news and their AI summaries delivered right to your inbox.


Brualist Premium is available for $6/month. Payment is recurring by default, and you are free to cancel at any time without any bullshit. Your subscription and payment information is managed through Stripe.

By subscribing to Premium, you are helping to support us in our mission of providing an antidote to the "modern web".

How do I sign up?

First, navigate here to create an account (if you have not already)

Once complete, navigate to your profile section to activate Brutalist Premium via Stripe